Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oops, what did I expect?

That quote about insanity, you know the one, doing something again and again the same way and expecting different outcomes? Well I qualify for the label.  This Sheep Mitten pattern is so darn cute, and I so want to do it justice. I already started over right above the cuff one time. I thought my gauge was too tight so I went up one needle size. I also didn't like the light green I had chosen and the black really bothered me, it was too harsh. Those changes were supposed to get me going down the right path. The pattern is clear, written in a way that makes it easy to follow. So where did I go wrong? My gauge was still too tight, but the further I went, it seemed to be getting smaller, in spite of the larger needles. I persevered all the way to the decreases at the top. Still too tight but what else, way long too?. I had even voiced my concerns in the I Make Mitten group, about my difficulties. Then as I was wondering how did these get soooo very long it hit me that I read one short phrase wrong. The double stranding in the top part of the mitten I had begun at the base of the thumb. No wonder working the pattern was difficult, I was alternating two strands of white And working the gray, alternating the white ...... Oh my gosh how could I have done that?
So, frogging is about to happen. I'll go up another needle size and follow the directions!