Monday, November 28, 2005

Sewing room progress

Sewing room

The sewing room is looking brighter now thanks to the addition of the braided rug I found online at the Home Decorator's Outlet. I was really pleased, as I found this for a mere $15.00, marked down from $129.00. This is the same online store that had the TV table/desk that I bought for the corner. The rug is reversible and the colors are bright and cheerful. Pinks, blues, greens, tan and of course yellow. I had found this rug months ago and never expected to find it on sale. I would have never paid $129.00!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOh yes, the Christmas Elf was decorating here too!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Patio Door Blinds

ODL Blinds Click on the picture to be taken to a large shot - and hover over the areas where you see a square!

The cable was buried today, and then one of the Eagle men came and spliced in pieces of grass in all the areas where the sod had spaces. Things are looking up! Now if the recycle men will just show up tomorrow and pick up the 300 pounds of cardboard we have - we will be happy! Also, more furniture is ready to be scheduled for delivery.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First Grass cutting - about time!

It was like a jungle out there!

from Melton2.htm

The gardener!No, we weren't growing bamboo, but everytime the cat went outside she disappeared in the grass. Now it's regulation height again, because finally we saw this ..... the yard guys! They ride these mowers, and look out - don't get in their way!! They did cut the grass twice, we think because it was so wet, the first cut was sloppy. Yes, it rained last night. Guess rain doesn't stop them! We're looking very manicured now if I do say so myself! My grass is longer than your grass

It was a bit long, you think?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fall comes to Coles Point Way

View We're having beautiful weather here, Eric is in his shorts again. You all know how happy that makes him! I put this picture on my knitting blog, it's the view from the sewing room window.

I am still following the doctor's orders to stay off my foot, so Eric has been busy outside, planting the rest of the bulbs, spraying inside and out for "bugs and pests" and putting the garage in order. He's also been cooking and cleaning! I feel bad because he's having to do everything, but then I guess if my foot gets well, all will be worth it. At least I hope he thinks so.

Some of you may remember the big question we had while the house was under construction concerning would the truck fit into the garage? Well I can report we can get it in, either front or back first. The only catch is that is has to be done at an angle into the back right corner, and someone (me) had to stand in the corner and guide the driver (Eric) in the last few inches. However, it's worth knowing it can be done! Since we expect to continue to experience traffic and dirt flying from construction crews it will be nice to keep the truck in the garage.

Not much else is happening. We are expecting our second delivery from FurniturelandSouth this week, so that is exciting! We'll be glad to get the TV in the living room up off the floor and into the entertainment center.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Progress in the sewing room

Here's how the sewing room Tv has looked for the last month. Not very exciting I must say! I've been working on plans for the cabinets for this room, and found several that would work. Last Saturday I got an email from the company who had the items and one of the cabinets I picked was on sale for $89.99. This was down from nearly $300.00. So we placed an order and it arrived today.


Under ConstructionWhile I supervised from the bed, Eric got to work putting the desk/TV cabinet together. You will see that this is actually a desk and eventually I will set my laptop on the keyboard shelf. However I wanted something sturdy for the TV to sit on. Turns out the cabinet was very well made, and solid wood (as advertized in the catalog, but you never know).

Finished TV