Sunday, April 24, 2005

The lot is still there!


We checked on the lot this week, just to make sure everything was still there!!! Of course it was, and we even got excited as we walked closer, as it looked like there was action on our estate!! But, unfortunately, it was the lot to the west of us. They even had the nerve to stack brick on our lot! HA. At least we will not be listening to construction on that side of us once we move in, as this house should be competed before ours is finished!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Front of the House


I heard rumors that I didn't ever post a picture of the front of the house. I could check, but then, what does it matter? If I did, this picture is different because I have flipped it and it does appear as the house should appear from the street. Eric and I stopped by the lot yesterday on our way to Baltimore. We got a bit excited as we got close, but turns out the activity we saw was for the house next door. So our neighbor's house, which we were told is a spec house, is in the foundation stage. It was interesting to see where it sat on the lot, and judging from what we saw, it will be offset and a bit closer to the street, or offset forward, than our house. Their patio should be on the far side of the house from us.

I did take a few pictures, as the trees are starting to green up. I'll post them tomorrow if time allows.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The complete plan

Eric House

This is the copy of the plan given to us at selection last week. You'll notice it is turned the direction we think out house will be built, so that is good for those of you wondering how it really looks inside. What is not there is the Florida room, for what reason we don't know, just wasn't put on this plan.

So, for the time being, we will wait as all the paperwork is finished and now is the time they get all the permits togther. No news is good news, but as soon as digging begins, you can expect an update!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Master Suite

Ok, Last but not least, we see the master bedroom and Bath. I'll do my best to get both in and I think that will complete the tour. The bedroom is carpet, and the only difference to what you see is a bay window at the end of the room. We'll have a tray ceiling with crown molding, and a ceiling fan. I like the fact that the closet is actually down a short hall connecting the bedroom to the bath, not in the bath, but between bath and bedroom. The area in front of the closet is carpet, as it the closet itself. You won't be able to see an open closet door from in the bedroom itself.
The bath is pretty straightforward. It has a large shower, almost the size of a tub. We'll have a pivot door (not sliding) and of course the double sinks and commode. There is a linen closet that is actually pretty large in this area too. We are having ceramic tile floors and the tub surround is solid surface, as is the vanity top. All the fixtures are white, the tile and marble are white with soft beige accents.
Sorry these pictures are not better!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Sewing room

Bedroom-2-(sewing) On our last visit I think I left everyone in the hall outside the guest bath, so it’s time to go into the second bedroom, the one located at the back of the house. This room had an option to be extended two feet and we felt it would give more room for the sewing table and also a possible sleeper sofa for additional guest sleeping. The view from the windows will be to the back of the lot, and trees so I think it will be a nice place to work and be able to look outside. It will get early morning sun, so should not be too hot in the summer to work as the sun will be on the opposite side of the house. At selections we decided to put hardwood floors in this room, as I knew I really didn’t want to be chasing pins buried in carpet. Also I remember from ironing that spray starch is much easier to clean up off a hard surface. So I am pleased with this room. The closet is fairly large, with two doors that swing open. We will eventually put a ceiling fan in here too.

Oh yes, the address is:
4125 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen, Va, 23060

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Selection Done

Selection was lots of fun and the consultant we met with made the experience very easy as she was knowledgeable and also put us at ease. We had heard that she would guide, but be pretty non committal. However, we found that when we did ask questions and advice she was ready with the answers, and would point out alternatives. She didn’t say “No that’s not a good idea”, but would remind of how things linked together. I think all the homework we had done in researching most of the items also helped.

So we picked cabinets and their configuration, color and trim. Wall and trim color, carpet, vinyl for the laundry room and wood for the areas that will have wood. We also picked tile and grout for the bathrooms and surround for the tub and showers. Countertops, sinks and mirrors. We chose fans, lights, pulls and knobs .... Who would ever think there is so much to choose? I personally almost appreciate having a smaller number of things to pick from than a huge number of possibilities. My only disappointment was a knob that we thought we were going to use was not the color we though it was, and in fact didn’t look good. Oh well!

We now wait until the house is framed and we go back for an electrical walk though. Of course before that we have to go back to Richmond and talk to a wiring person about TV, cable, computer and phone lines, so we will know where all those things need to be located. We can also put outlets where we think they need to be which will be nice in the sewing room.

So tomorrow fans, I will get back to the last two bedrooms in the house and that will finish our tour! Then we will just have to wait while they start framing. We actually saw one house already framed, which surprised us. Not sure why it was so far along. From what we could see, nothing was going on down our side of the street. Since traffic was not allowed, who knows?