Thursday, August 25, 2005

Weekly Progress


Well things are coming together and the house is really starting to shape up. Our house is the one in the middle.

In the week we were in North Carolina this happened:

Cabinets arrived for the kitchen and baths, all installed except for the missing kitchen cabinet for the sink and trimwork.

Tile installed and grouted for the floors in baths.

Enclosure installed for masterbath.

Trimwork Painted.

Walls Painted.

Enclosure for guest bath was being delivered as we left.

Dirt work beginning for drive, walks and patios as we left.


Left to do: (Big things)

Install fireplace. Keep your fingers crossed on this one!

Replace doors and patio doors that are not low-e.

Blow in insulation in attic.

Water heater installed.

Install fans and lighting.

Hook up Utilities.

Grass and Flowerbeds

Final touchups inside - all boo boo's quaranteed to be fixed in the last 3 weeks.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots more!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday, August 20


The gables are finished and they even took the stickers out of the windows. There is no rhyme of reason to what they are doing though. We have things in our house that houses that are further along don't have yet. The house next door looks like it has come to a stand-still, and yet others started later look about like ours.

When we arrived this morning the tile man was there putting down the master bath floor. The sides of the shower are in too. We took Maddie home and returned after about an hour and when we got back the guest bath was also finished. When they work, they work quickly.

Eric and I measured windows and walls today, and are still wondering where the fireplace is going to be. You may ask why that's a problem, surely it goes where the plan shows it. At least you would think so .... The thing is, the two houses like ours each have the fireplace in a different position. The builder who was supposed to meet us at 9 (to talk specifically about the fireplace)never showed up, so we marked the floor where we want the base of the fireplace to be, and we hope he gets the hint. We called his cell and left a message, so maybe he will call us back. The only reason the location is critical is that we want to be able to have all the wall unit - and not just 3 of the 5 pieces. Even 8 inches will make a difference. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Friday, August 19, 2005

4125 Cole's Point Way Gets Painted

images Another step closer. I'm just glad I am not the one on the ladder.

Lots more progress has been made since the last update. Texture and paint. Columns on the Front Porch. Columns in the Dining Room. Newl Posts on the stairs. Completed Master shower stall. The Gables have their siding and the stickers are gone from the inside of their windows. Trim work is done and crown molding is in. Tomorrow I'll go visit and get lots of pictures and let you all know how things are looking. We also have to measure all the walls and windows again now that we have trim in place. Hopefully all the furniture will go where we planned!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The shower pan

Shower Pan

Last Wednesday when we left Richmond we stopped by the house and the installers were sitting in the shower, finishing up the shower pan. If you remember in past posts every time we went to the house the pan was marked for a different size. It seems they finally got it right, and we even have a pan glued in to prove it! At least we know the next time we go it won't have changed.

According to Rebecca all the sheetrock has been painted (at least the first coat) and the trim work. Maddie came home with a white smudge on her hand! I guess if we find a smear about 18 inches off the floor we will know where it came from!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

When last we checked...

From-Front-Hall originally uploaded by Joanna Root.

the sheetrock folks had done their job. According to our man on the street, Brandon, who works under Eric the builder (not to be confused with DH) the texturizer machine will be there this week, hopefully Friday, which is tomorrow. He said then the trim people would follow in and then the painters.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wild Goose Chase

We went to the house yesterday, and it was not worth the trip. Eric crossed one item off his list, and I managed to measure windows for future placement of rods. (I noted how wide all the re-inforcements were). We did talk to the siding sub-contractor and he told us he would have his part done, not to worry. He did say that once everything is finished the house will be power washed, so this should take care of the concerns I have on the brickwork. He also said some of the problems we noted where flashing didn't cover wood were not his job, but framing problems, and this we knew.

On a good note, the roofing is finished and the ridge vents were in place and screens on the gable vents in the attic. Up the street the landscaping is going in. I saw nice white Crepe Myrtles. I happen to like them and it will be in the front flower bed that extends out away from front of the dinning room. Should look nice. It seems they are also putting in day liles. It will be a start.

All traces of the dinning room half walls disappeared. The sheetrock is stacked in the downstairs and I have to report that some of it was made by Temple Inland. Small world! It's kind of like the 9 degrees of separation theory in a warped way. The speakers in the living room were moved higher on the wall, but the phone jack on the wall was still too low. The studs hammered into the floor in the shower have written in red - MOVE 12 INCHS and an arrow pointing in the right direction. Windows and doors that were wrong (3 of them are not Low-E) are still wrong. Crooked window in sewing room is still crooked.

Our only consolation, if any is that one of the Fisher houses across the street has failed their framing inspection 7 times. Still has not passed. At least we have only failed once. Good thing this inspector is so tough.

Forgot to take the camera with me, so no new pictures to report.