Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday, August 20


The gables are finished and they even took the stickers out of the windows. There is no rhyme of reason to what they are doing though. We have things in our house that houses that are further along don't have yet. The house next door looks like it has come to a stand-still, and yet others started later look about like ours.

When we arrived this morning the tile man was there putting down the master bath floor. The sides of the shower are in too. We took Maddie home and returned after about an hour and when we got back the guest bath was also finished. When they work, they work quickly.

Eric and I measured windows and walls today, and are still wondering where the fireplace is going to be. You may ask why that's a problem, surely it goes where the plan shows it. At least you would think so .... The thing is, the two houses like ours each have the fireplace in a different position. The builder who was supposed to meet us at 9 (to talk specifically about the fireplace)never showed up, so we marked the floor where we want the base of the fireplace to be, and we hope he gets the hint. We called his cell and left a message, so maybe he will call us back. The only reason the location is critical is that we want to be able to have all the wall unit - and not just 3 of the 5 pieces. Even 8 inches will make a difference. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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