Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Front of the House


I heard rumors that I didn't ever post a picture of the front of the house. I could check, but then, what does it matter? If I did, this picture is different because I have flipped it and it does appear as the house should appear from the street. Eric and I stopped by the lot yesterday on our way to Baltimore. We got a bit excited as we got close, but turns out the activity we saw was for the house next door. So our neighbor's house, which we were told is a spec house, is in the foundation stage. It was interesting to see where it sat on the lot, and judging from what we saw, it will be offset and a bit closer to the street, or offset forward, than our house. Their patio should be on the far side of the house from us.

I did take a few pictures, as the trees are starting to green up. I'll post them tomorrow if time allows.

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