Friday, April 08, 2005

Sewing room

Bedroom-2-(sewing) On our last visit I think I left everyone in the hall outside the guest bath, so it’s time to go into the second bedroom, the one located at the back of the house. This room had an option to be extended two feet and we felt it would give more room for the sewing table and also a possible sleeper sofa for additional guest sleeping. The view from the windows will be to the back of the lot, and trees so I think it will be a nice place to work and be able to look outside. It will get early morning sun, so should not be too hot in the summer to work as the sun will be on the opposite side of the house. At selections we decided to put hardwood floors in this room, as I knew I really didn’t want to be chasing pins buried in carpet. Also I remember from ironing that spray starch is much easier to clean up off a hard surface. So I am pleased with this room. The closet is fairly large, with two doors that swing open. We will eventually put a ceiling fan in here too.

Oh yes, the address is:
4125 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen, Va, 23060

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