Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday New Flash - Dumpster is Gone
What does this mean?

I’m sure you are all wondering if I have given up blogging ! Might seem like I dropped off the blog roll – but not really true. I just didn’t feel like I had too much to say or show all of you. But, tonight I really looked at the pictures I took last weekend in Richmond, and decided maybe I would bore you after all. So, if you aren’t into looking at dirt or trees, then just ignore everything that follows! OK?

The first of the two pictures below are taken from the street (I'm at the front stake) and show Eric standing at the back of the lot. In the first he is lined up with the back left (as you will face the house) rear stake – it is behind him and down the incline, not where he is standing. As you can see the dumpster is still there. The second picture is taken from the street and shows him lined up with the right rear stake. Again it is behind him down the incline. Ok, so do you all follow me so far?


From the pictures above, taken at the street, I moved to the back of the lot. These are taken standing at the stakes for the back of the house pad, and looking towards the trees and view, and will attempt to show you the back corners. The first picture is of the left corner (even if the stake is on the right side of the first picture) and the second is the right corner. I think I even have these labeled! Note, the stakes are not in the bare ground, they are behind the black barrier in the woods. This means the lot goes further back than we thought originaly.
Left lot copy

Right Stake - in the woods

Ok, one of the final two pictures shows Eric looking up the hill toward the pad for our future house. The house next door is just past him to the left of the picture. He is not standing on a stake, but is more towards the middle of our lot. The last picture is taken from behind the house next door (to out left) and across the back of the lots. You can tell ( maybe), that our lot is deeper than where this house is, and ours widens towards the back right corner. I think this picture also shows, that the house being built has a pretty steep drop off, (they will have no patio or Florida room) and our lot actually slopes away much more gradually than his as you move away from where the picture was taken. The trees almost wrap around our lot to the right, and we think that because we are in the deepest part of the curve, we may actually not see the house(s) that will go to the right of us (not built yet) because they will be closer to where the street angle changes. We should see more woods when we look to the right from out back yard than houses. Clear as mud? If you’re still with me – read on!
Where-Is-the stake?

Back Yard View

I know these shots are not really large, but I think you can get the idea. We are much happier now that we can see how many trees there are and what the coverage is like. In the fifth picture you'll notice a tree out in the dirt, this is behind the house next door. If you look at the ground you'll see where this tree split and a section is on the ground. They did clean up all the limbs from that tree that were in out lot. That’s why in the last picture the undergrowth is sparce, I think this will fill in now that they have removed all the debris from the fallen tree. This was a tree downed in the hurricane 2 years ago.

And the biggest news, I talked to Rebecca Saturday morning and the big red dumpster is gone! So, does this mean we get a foundation this week? We've been checking the building permits online, and so far have not found ours, however the other 10 or 11 houses in our section are underway, so we are bound to be soon!

I guess the last thing I need to point out is that we do own some of the trees that you can see – our line extends behind the black environmental shield they have staked out. Of course, we don’t know if we will actually be able to do anything with this area, as they whole area behind the houses on this side of the street is a watershed and is protected. We didn’t really realize before that our lot actually extended into this area so didn't guestion what our rights might be. The developers will also landscape back there, so we expect more trees eventually if they follow suite to what they have done in other sections of the development.

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