Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Progress in the sewing room

Here's how the sewing room Tv has looked for the last month. Not very exciting I must say! I've been working on plans for the cabinets for this room, and found several that would work. Last Saturday I got an email from the company who had the items and one of the cabinets I picked was on sale for $89.99. This was down from nearly $300.00. So we placed an order and it arrived today.


Under ConstructionWhile I supervised from the bed, Eric got to work putting the desk/TV cabinet together. You will see that this is actually a desk and eventually I will set my laptop on the keyboard shelf. However I wanted something sturdy for the TV to sit on. Turns out the cabinet was very well made, and solid wood (as advertized in the catalog, but you never know).

Finished TV

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