Sunday, July 17, 2005

4125 Cole's Point Way Looks like a House!

This photo was taken on Thursday afternoon the 14th. We arrived in Richmond on Wednesday morning and went directly to our appointment with the Audio man who will do all the wiring for computers, phone, cable etc. We went over our requirements again with him and made a walk though appointment with him for the next day. We hoped to be able to go in the house later Wednesday (our morning meeting was at the clubhouse), but about the time it was quiting time for the workmen and clear for us to go to the house the sky opened up and it poured. So much for our plans.

So Thursday we went to our meeting at the house with the electricians at 10 am. This entailed going though every room and having them show us what was where and what worked what, etc. etc. We got to add and or move outlets, switches etc to our hearts content. We finally finished with them at noon, and then the audio man came and we were done with him at 2. It was a very hot time! I was really sorry the AC wasn’t working yet! HA HA!

The picture of the house says a lot – as you can see most of the roof is finished and the vinyl was done almost everywhere. All the windows are in place. The front of the garage is another matter. Look closely, see the vent up in the eve? It isn’t supposed to be there at all. Nope, it is supposed to be a window, so why you ask? One of the many strange excuses we have heard! This one was “the brick people got ahead of the window people”. So, they will cut out the bricks and put in a window sometime in the future. Seems that window was missing when the brick people came, so the masons just went straight to the top! Weird. You can also see the two gables on the front of the house over the dinning room. These are “Fake”, they don’t go anywhere and the windows are fixed. I guess that is so they don’t get dirty inside – this is something I’ll have to see to believe. Anyhow, they are there, but do not have their vinyl siding yet. Not sure why, but not to worry.

When we left the electricians were running wire like crazy. The upstairs looked like a spaghetti factory gone amuck. We’ll go back this week towards the end of the week just to double check the outlets and see the finished wiring.

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