Sunday, July 03, 2005

Streets Getting Paved

No news from Eagle about our walk through, but my spy (AKA DD Becky) said she was without power Friday because the power trucks were out connecting the lines from Crossridge to the lines on her side of Staples Mills. She also said that they are paving Coles Point Way. When we were there last Sunday we saw that the crushed rock base for the street was down so it’s good news that the street is being laid. That will certainly cut down on the dust as the summer progresses.

We got an email today from the man who is putting in the Structured Wiring package (stuff for phones, computers, cable, etc) and he wants to meet with us again before we have the electrical walk though. Now days, all that wiring is built into the house, so all the phone or cable people do is connect to your house, they don’t wire inside at all. His company will run the wires for all the extra stuff and we need to know where it will all go. The Eagle electricians only do outlets, lights and the usual breaker boxes.

In house Panaramic View
Here's a shot I took inside the house last weekend. We should hear soon about our appointment, regardless, we’ll be going again soon.

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