Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We finally passed the gas rough in inspection!

Front--07-15-05, originally uploaded by Joanna Root.

Right where the man is standing on the scaffolding at the right front corner of the garage is the permit for the house. It has the lot number and the address of the house. Only problem is, it is for a house 3 houses down, not ours. Wrong lot number, wrong address.

So, one of the inspectors kept failing the house on his inspections. At one point he even put fees against the house - all because Eagle didn't put up the right sign. Of course, I had to agree with him, why didn't they have the right sign up? Where was our sign? I even walked down the street to see if our sign was on the other house, but no, they had a cardboard sign up (since we had their original sign)!

Oh well, no harm done, Eagle finally got us the right sign, and the inspector finally saw it posted, so he finally finished the inspection and we passed! One more down.

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