Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bricks and stone

After a weekend visit to our future home site we finally saw some action! As I mentioned at the end of last week we read online that an inspection had failed to pass. We planned a visit and when we got to the lot we found the foundation almost complete, and the plumbing lines in place. One thing we noticed on other visits is that most of the lots under construction have a set of plans laying around somewhere. We found ours (in the dirt), and the plans did match what we had selected and what they had in fact put in. We can only guess the inspector had a different, more generic set of plans and that is why he flunked us!

There are three other homes of our same model that are framed, all in different stages. We walked through all three and noted a few items that didn’t seem to be right, so we made a short visit to the office and put our questions in writing so they could be answered in a meeting that takes place every Monday. We were told we would get a call by one of the site superintendents, who oversees all the construction.

We did get a good feel for the size of the rooms, though none of the houses we saw have the bay window in the Master bedroom or the extension in the back bedroom. We did see the patio door we ordered and liked it, and we were pleased with how it looked in that space. We also had a question about the soffit between the living room and the Florida room, and two of the homes had it framed in and it looked nice. We were afraid it might block the windows, but it is really very high up in the cathedral ceiling. These were little worries that were not big deals, but were questions inevitable when you can’t walk though a model of what you are buying.

One real surprise was the size of Eric’s upstairs train room – it is enormous! The storage room that will contain the heater/ac unit and water heater is also very large, and beside it there is also another large space that will be an excellent closet. That space didn’t show up on any floor plan we saw, so that is exciting. You can use all the storage space you can get.

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