Friday, June 24, 2005

Other house news

I thought I’d pass on a bit of information we gleamed from the builder who we met on Tuesday. I digress though, it turned out he called us on Monday (while I was standing in Joann’s Fabrics with Rebecca) to tell us the “found room” upstairs would have a door. After he and I talked a bit I told him we were in town and asked if we could meet on Tuesday. We set up an appointment for 10 and met him at the lot.

We drove over and the entire area was covered in pick-up trucks. (At least we fit in.) Turns out he had the biggest truck of all – but then he is the boss! He took us over to the first model under construction like ours, which is the furthest along. He and Eric talked about a lot of things that we had approached Eagle about initially, and been told they were not possible. Well seems that is not entirely true, and so the builder, whose name is Eric also, said he would check on the HOOD VENT, and ADDED INSULATION, so we may be able to get at least wiring for the vent (or the venting ready to be connected) etc. Of course all of this is like done behind the back of the rule makers. And some of the things will be done after closing but by the crews there who work on the side.

Eric the builder (I’ll call him Builder Eric) and my Eric (I’ll call him Buyer Eric) seem to understand each other and Builder Eric seems very eager to please, but not in a way that seems phony. He said he’ll get back with Buyer Eric and he wrote notes about what they talked about;  even said we should call him with anything that comes to pass that we have questions about.

We also met another couple who purchased their home 18 months ago. They too are very pleased, etc. They told us about a way to get cabinets from the man who makes the cabinets for the houses at a great price. Cabinets that have been returned he sells for about $25.00 a unit. We don’t know if this is still the case, but we will check into it, as we’d like some for the utility room and also as base for the area I want to build to sew on.

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