Monday, June 06, 2005

Enough Rain Already

I'd like to report that my Richmond spy has seen progress on the job site. However, since it rained all the end of last week, I am afraid no news, is just that, no news. It's not like my spy has nothing else to do, only chase after two kids, one husband, laundry, groceries, etc. Not to mention diapers .... no wonder she can't set up an undercover surveillance from across the street. Her car is bright red, it makes it impossible to be incognito. Maybe I need to pay her more!

Anyhow, there has been no verbal reports of any visual sightings of action at 4126 Cole's Point Wy. The Henrico County online building permit (link below), on the other hand, does show two permits issued in the last week, one for electical and one for plumbing. So, someone is at least pushing papers around, even if no one is pushing dirt!

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