Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Stone and brick!

We heard from the actual man who is building our house, the team leader so to speak. His name just happens to be Eric too. So, according to him, we are ahead of schedule (not sure where this declaration came from!). He says they allow 18 weeks per house, and we are scheduled as before for mid September. We’ll see about that!

Foundation-02He answered the questions we had about windows, showers and the illusive toilet plumbing. Not to worry according to him. We checked the permits and we had passed one of the ones we failed before, but still failed the foundation review. When we were there we saw the area in question, so maybe they were just busy today and didn't get to that spot. At least we have an inspector that actually seems to be LOOKING at things, which is a good thing.

Next time I’ll show a few shots of the other houses going up.

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