Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Back in the front hall

Once you pass the stairs, (on the right in the Foyer Picture) and the Dining Room, (from a day ago) the foyer hall continues on to open into the family room. However, before you get to that room, the kitchen is through a door to the right. The picture here only shows the last column and half wall that were the dining room, and you can see the opening for the kitchen on the right. Not very exciting, but I didn’t want to jump right to the kitchen or the family room, without showing you about how far the foyer went.

The actual distance from the front door to where the kitchen wall on the right ends, and the family room begins is about 16 feet. It’s a fairly long hallway. So vote in the comment box, do you want to go to the kitchen tomorrow, or on into the family room?

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