Friday, March 18, 2005

A tour

Every house has a front door! At least I hope so. I know Mom is waiting to see what everything looks like, so I thought I would begin a tour. As someone once said. Let's begin at the beginning. For me that is on the front porch, standing at the front door. If you look at the picture posted earlier, the front door has a side-light and a transom window over the door, I think it looks quite nice. The door is going to be black, we had no choice of color, as that is all predetermined in the overall layout of the subdiviison. We would have liked a real color (like blue) but I guess it wasn't in the cards.

The earlier model that this model was derived from, had railing on the porch. ours does not, only the two columns. It appears they have a brick base. The columns are white, and have some shape to them. Not much more to say about the porch itself. it is concrete.

The triple windows you see in the picture are for the dining room. I believe they have a transom over them too.


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