Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Florida and Family Room

Well, the none-vote, was to go on down the foyer into the family room! So, your wish, is my command!

And, actually, you will get two rooms for the price of one, because the family room, and Florida room are connected, one right behind the other. The Florida room was one of the options that is very popular. Had we not gotten it, the fireplace would have been at the end of the room. Since very fre people in CrossRidge have not gotten the Florida room, we decided for resale in the future, it was best to go with it.

This picture is another of the one’s I had to splice, and so it is a bit off. (So use your imagination).


However, you will still notice this is a big space! The ceiling in both these rooms is cathedral. We think there is some visual break (a Beam) between the two rooms, but are not sure! The end window, in the Florida room, has a big arch over the triple windows, so it should be very light and a nice view of the trees through those window. The door to the outside patio from this room is the size of a sliding glass door, but opens from a central hinge sort of like a french door.

The fireplace is three sided, that is, it is more like a box, against the wall, and you can see the fire from anyplace you stand in either room. This is a gas fireplace, so no wood to mess with, ever! It has a slate surround in the floor, and all the wood work is white (mantle).

The family room will be carpeted. We don’t know for sure where the break line for the floor change from the foyer to the family room is, but suspect it is before you actually get to the area that goes to either side of the house, the area directly in front of the kitchen. The kitchen floor (off the foyer) will be wood, and we will repeat that wood in the Florida room. We decided tile would be much colder in the winter, so went with the wood. And, I didn’t want carpet in case we put plants in that room. The ceiling in the family room has recessed lighting, so that will be nice too. One of the things they do here is wire for surround sound, so we will have that in this room too. Should make movie watching fun.

As you’ll see tomorrow, the kitchen is in front of these two rooms, and standing at the sink you will be able to look at and converse with someone in main living area.

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