Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dinner Time


Today we’ll look inside the dining room. The flooring here will also be hardwood, the same as the foyer. The hardwood is standard in the foyer and dining rooms of these homes, which means we didn’t have to pay more for wood. Instead, we have to pay more for the windows that are directly opposite the doorway. Seems some people like to have more wall space vs. more light. We opted for the windows. There will be a hanging dining room fixture in here, not nearly as nice as the one Mom and Dad have though. I’d opt for something nicer, but we figure that is something we can change later. We are also getting the Tray ceiling in this room with molding. We decided against chair rail and the other crown molding, as both projects are something we think we can do on our own some day down the line when we run out of projects!

Of course, we don’t have a dining room table, or chairs. We have even talked about using this room for a study instead of dining, and placing the dining table in part of the family room. You’ll see later that the family room has plenty of room for a dining table on the end near the kitchen. At any rate. we both figure we have plenty of time to decide on where the table will be placed. This room will get afternoon sun, but will be partially shaded by the overhang of the porch.

All the houses will be built on 0 lot lines, which means that this side of the house will have all the yard, the garage side will be built right on the line. That way each home is placed as far from it’s neighbor as possible , and all your yard is really on one side of your house.

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