Wednesday, September 28, 2005

36 Hours and Counting

Thirty-six hours from tonight, we should be signing the papers for the new house. We are getting very excited. We went to the store and got a front door mat - and two folding chairs. Since we won't have furniture we can sit on for a least another 4-6 weeks, we decided the folding patio chairs from SAM's were a good option. Fine for now, fold for storage later, and easy to pull out when we have overflow crowds! (HA HA).

Anyhow, our final walkthough is tomorrow at 3 pm. They are supposed to have the punch list finished, or at least a good percentage done. They did call up today and say we may not have grass, or SOD, as the last load they got in was not good enough to put down. Since we are under a water advisory, that may be fine. I'd rather have good healthy lawn later than a carpet of brown dead grass.

Oh yes, we failed the final inspection again, this time for lack of a piece of paper. I think this inspector is just trying to get the best of the chief contractor for our house. So, we have a temporary certificate of occupancy, since the house is OK, just the paper missing for something. Funny, he never mentioned this piece of paper the last two times he inspected. Kind of like he chages the rules as he goes along.

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