Friday, September 09, 2005

Photo of the week

It's September now, and as you can see from the countdown we are three weeks away from closing. It's hard to tell if we will in fact close that date, but I guess no news is good news! I find it hard to believe we might actually be in the house in 21 days!!!! Click the picture to go to flickr and see a larger shot.

The picture shows the front of the house again - this time with driveway, fron walk and sidewalks complete. The pario is also in and the lot has been graded on the left side of the house. Another improvement, the dumpster is no longer in the yard, it's out in the street now. At least I can get a better progress picture without the big red blob in the yard. The brickwork over the garage has all been cleaned up, so it looks nice now.

We were pleased to see that the front door has been replaced, they had to take it all out in order to put in the low-e windows that got that were not installed. Seems like they would not have done the sheetrock, paint, trim etc. for the door knowing it would have to come out later to put in the right glass. I am no longer second guessing their logic. The patio doors are now correct too, only the transom window over them and the laundry window are incorrect. The fireplace is in place, not quite where it should be, but not horribly out of place. Obviously we are going to have some issues with light switches and the bookcases, but nothing we can't resolve with some ingenuity.

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