Thursday, September 22, 2005


We moved the last major load of belongings off the boat today. It was a beautiful day, so slight a breeze that the water was almost flat. It made transferring things off easy. The truck was loaded to the gills, and if I could have gotten to my camera I'd have taken a picture. Maybe later when I find it and we unload!

We arrived in Richmond, got a hotel reservation and then went to look at the house. It's pretty exciting to see the flowerbeds in. The sprinkler installers were there trenching around the house and beds. the new front porch is poured and the new walk! I noticed I didn't get the standard crepe mytle bush in my front bed, but instead an evergreen, a holly. We'll like that, and it will look great decorated for Christmas!

We looked around inside for several hours and made notes for the inspection tomorrow. Some of the major boo boo's we've noted before have been fixed. So things are looking up. Most of the things we noticed were minor, and may in fact be cleaned up by tomorrow.

More news tomorrow and pictures, I promise!

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