Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tomorrow is the Day!!

This is the last before picture! When this was taken a day or so ago, no grass! But now all that has changed!


We have grass! We have trees! Can you guess I am excited? We had our final walkthough, and tomorrow we sign the papers.

As we were doing the walkthrough, which took about 45 minutes, the little yard men were busy as beavers putting down the sod. There are three trees in the back yard, two silver maples and what I think may be a flowering pear. There are also beds at the back of the lot with small hedge looking shrubs and some evergreen - cypress like trees. I've noticed the trees don't have tags, so I am going to have to do a little research to see just what we have. I'm just glad it's a mix of evergreens and deciduous. I wasn't expecting the trees inside the yard, and so I'm happy to see them and the big beds around them! I see bulbs in my future, and flowers .... the five annoying cutoff valves in the middle of the back yard for the sprinklers (ours and the neighbors I expect) don't even seem so bad! Oh yes, the big green box in the front yard between us and the neighbors has even been camouflaged! Great progress.

Tomorrow we move in - and if I don't get trapped behind or under a box I'll get tree and yard pictures!

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