Thursday, September 01, 2005

Secret Door?

Who knows, maybe this is like the Price is Right TV show, choose the right door and everything behind it is yours if your guess is closest! Anyhow, on the last trip to Richmond this door was standing in the middle of the living room - obviously so it could be painted. I actually didn't bother to try to figure out which door it was - but I think it was for one of the bedrooms.

All the boxes stacked behind it are the cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms. It was very tempting to open and look - but we didn't. To our surprise, just as we were leaving a little tiny man - about 5 foot tall came to install them, alone! Sure enough, when we got back the next morning all the boxes were gone and most of the cabinets were installed. We are still not sure if they found the missing kitchen sink cabinet, but I am not too worried. If we get back this coming week and they still can't or didn't find it then I will worry!


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