Thursday, September 15, 2005

More backwards progess

I’ve been behind on my house updates, but then it turns out that some of what I had to report would now have to be retracted.

On Saturday I visited and found hardwood flooring in areas it was not supposed to be in. On Monday when I checked back the floor was still unfinished and a worker told me they had run out of flooring – well DUH I thought, that’s cause you put it where it wasn’t supposed to be! Well, tonight (Wednesday) we went back and the flooring was removed from the wrong places, and now they have completed the wood floor in the areas that were missing wood. Still no carpet. Guess now we will have to check to see how chopped up the last areas are, if they reused the small cut pieces or used new boards. Just another of those small irritations.

The front porch columns came down (see the pictures above), and it looks to us like they completely redid the brickwork for the porch. In the process, the front walk is no longer flush with the porch brick. Not sure how they will address that issue, but it definitely won’t do. We wonder if a back hoe ran into the column and knocked it over? Mystery? The only clue that might prve the back hoe theory wrong is that the Fisher across the street had it's columns taken down too.

We were only able to peek in the windows tonight, and it wasn’t till just before we were leaving that we noticed the appliances are in. Tomorrow we’ll visit before we head home to the boat.

We’ll have to wait for the storm to pass to go home, so we’ll have time to try to see the progress.

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